N J Jelley Photography all came about from a love of photography from a very early age. I first got the bug when I was at school. There were after-school photography activities from when I was about 12 years old. 

The camera I grew up with and learnt with was a Praktika MTL3 35mm film camera. I then went on to take a photography exam at school leaving age.

After leaving school, many things happened and I put photography on the back burner, until very recently.

I am a long-standing customer of a UK TV shopping channel. One of the guest presenters, Mat Trim, is a professional photographer of many years. I was fortunate enough to meet Mat at their London studios. On one occasion, Mat was selling a Fujifilm HS20EXR bridge camera, which caught my eye, as it was a very high spec camera without moving into DSLR territory. I bought the HS20, and decided at that point, to further my photography. Mat has been and still is, a great mentor to me, for which I will always be hugely grateful. Thankyou Mat.

After using the HS20 for a year or so, I acquired the Fijifilm HS30EXR, which is a great camera. Then came my birthday. I decided I was going to get serious, so I bought a Nikon D4 with a couple of pro lenses. I have since then, expanded my lens collection and other kit and also bought a Nikon D800.

The subjects I enjoy photographing are food, street, astrophotography, wildlife and nature. I have recently delved into the world of macro and micro photography, which never ceases to fascinate.

I hope you enjoy your visit today and come back on a regular basis to see and purchase updated content.

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